State Theatre Portland
Seether - Poison The Parish World Tour

Seether - Poison The Parish World Tour

Killer At Large, Scissorfight

Sat, November 17, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

State Theatre

Portland, ME

$35 Advance / $40 Day of Show

This event is all ages

Buy tickets in person at the Port City Music Hall box office (504 Congress Street) Wednesday-Friday 10AM-5PM, charge by phone at 800-745-3000, or online right here. State Theatre box office will open one hour before doors night of show.

A few years ago, “famous” displaced “teacher” as the number one career choice for children. When another recent study asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” one in five kids replied, “I just want to be rich.” High on the ultimate drug, worshippers of a new pop culture religion with its own twisted clergy, a generation of vacuous celebrities chases fame as its own reward, jettisoning any pretenses about talent, sincerity, or artistry.

Thankfully, there are still dedicated, hardscrabble, no-nonsense soothsayers, organizers, musicians, and likeminded creative badasses who’ve defiantly said, “enough!” Like SEETHER, the multiplatinum rock radio anthem-making machine whose albums, songs, and live performances are armed with big riffs, bigger melodies, crunchy tones, and atmosphere. 

SEETHER’s existence itself is an act of rebellion, weaponized to cut through the noise with truth telling clarity and undeniable authenticity. Even as no-talent hacks and cartoon social media living mannequins seek to dominate the discourse, SEETHER takes a stand against those who Poison the Parish.

“We want to bring back musicality, playing loud, and the importance of having something to say that you can stand behind,” declares SEETHER front man/co-founder Shaun Morgan. “It’s about honesty in your music."

Poison the Parish, the band’s seventh studio album, arrives just in time on Morgan’s new label imprint Canine Riot Records, via Concord Music Group. Morgan also served as producer (the first time he’s produced an album in its entirety), working alongside engineer and mixer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Deftones, Hatebreed) at Nashville’s Blackbird Studio, which has played host to everyone from Taylor Swift to Jack White.
Make no mistake. Poison the Parish displays no specific agenda, political or religious. But it is personal. This time out, SEETHER restored their sound with the blood, sweat and heaviness that’s long powered their career. In this day and age, keeping it real and doing it for the right reasons is a bold statement in and of itself.  At a point where most bands start to waver, SEETHER have made certain album seven is the band’s heaviest yet.

“What it really boils down to is that I am disgusted and horrified by what I see society becoming, the complete idolatry of vapid social media and reality TV ‘stars,’” Morgan explains. “It hearkens back to the days of clergy shaping a society as voices of authority; now we’ve got these people glorifying soullessness and lack of talent. They're preaching this gospel that you can be famous, as long as you have the right face or the right body or the right connections. They aren’t saying, ‘Hey, go out there and write a book, invent something, try to cure cancer.’ It's all about getting the angles right, to create this illusion that your life is great.” 

Poison the Parish is filled with newfound ferocity and purpose, all built around Morgan’s gift for classic pop melody and structure. Album opener “Stoke the Fire,” is a focused statement of purpose and the message is clear: SEETHER is a hard rock n’ roll band, first and foremost. Lead single “Let You Down” is a dynamic, groove-oriented earworm. The moody vibe of “Emotionless” is relentless and chilling while “Against the Wall,” brooding and melodic, reverberates with honesty and self-reflection.

Descendants of Nirvana, early Alice In Chains, and Soundgarden, SEETHER continues to create modern, urgent and memorable music fifteen years into an illustrious and highly successful career.

Consider: the South African band has amassed twenty Top 5 singles, three platinum records, a fan-beloved gold-selling DVD and scores of #1 singles including “Fine Again,” “Fake It,”  “Remedy,” “Broken,” “Words As Weapons,” “Country Song,” “Breakdown,” “Rise Above This,” “Same Damn Life,” “Truth,” “Gasoline,” “Driven Under” and their infamous cover of “Careless Whisper”.  The band has also been recognized by the South African Music Awards, MTV Africa Music Awards, and Revolver Golden Gods Awards.

The relentlessly hard working outfit has averaged 90 performances a year, crisscrossing the globe as headlining mainstays and featured performers on many of the world's biggest rock festivals. SEETHER songs are familiar to anyone who plays Madden NFL games or watch the WWE.

In addition, Morgan co-founded the annual Rise Above Fest, the largest suicide awareness event in the world. Now in its fifth year, the annual benefit concert will take place over two days in July 2017 featuring performers such as Korn, Shinedown, Stone Sour, Skillet and SEETHER.

“We felt so much freedom with this album. We really focused on putting out something completely representative of who and what we are,” says Morgan. “We like to have a good time. That thing you feel when you create and play music, if you lose that to the business side, then you sort of lose the whole reason why you're doing it. This album is, I think, where our hearts have always been and it represents us completely as the band we are.”

Creating something of value and meaning is SEETHER’s cultural antidote, its north star. And with Poison the Parish, they’ve done it with unrestrained power and grace. “Give something to people,” Morgan says. “Make people's lives better in some way. That's really the point.”
Killer At Large
Killer At Large
Killer at Large is a band made up of life long musicians and life long friends. Adam Horr (Bass) and Travis Barton (Drums) have been playing together for many years and off and on with Guitarist, Pete Williams. As they were now all together in one project, they were looking for a singer and approached Dave Nebbia back in late November to see if he was interested in joining such a dynamic and powerful line-up! Well... As you can say, the rest is history. The band has now been writing and writing and wood shedding these songs now for 5 months. Killer at Large is now ready to start sharing with all you all and hopefully you enjoy the music as much as the band is creating it. A very heavy guitar driven melody making machine. Soaring vocals and crisp defines harmonies, and add a rhythm section that not only brings the thunder, but they anticipate each other's moves fluidly because of such great chemistry. We hope you enjoy the band and help us spread the word. We are just trying to create music that Rock fans can appreciate. Thanks for listening!
Scissorfight is back to wreak havoc with a new line up!!

From 1994 to 2006 the heavy rock band Scissorfight roamed the land, playing their particularly gross and graunching brand of rock and roll for the people and in the process leaving many an eardrum and music venue rent asunder. The people approved.

The year 2016 marks the re-emergence of Scissorfight. A new, re-tooled version of the band. A new pair of scissors, same fight. Doug "myowngrave" Aubin has taken over the "front beast" position. Delivering tales of absurd and atrocious behaviors from the great north woods of New Hampshire. A little Coos County chaos if you will. He expects you to have a good time. The drum seat has been filled by Rick "Stixxx" Orcutt. Steeped in the feral ways of punk rock drumming styles, he is ready to lay down the heavy shit whilst keeping the speedy intact. Along with founding members Paul "Jarvis" Jarvis on the low end four stringer and Jay "Octocock" Fortin covering the high mids on his six stringer, this line up promises to deliver the soundtrack to a righteous stovin' in, a murderous pummeling of sonic abominations. These mutha's possess an unquenchable thirst for riffs and volume.

The plan of attack is to lay down mud hole stomping versions of the iconic Scissforight library of past melodies while driving a fully jacked and antlered '79 F250 monster truck head first into new material. Different yet familiar. Carrying on the traditional and forging a new chapter.

Get yur shit kickers on...

Jay Fortin “Octocock” – Guitar, backing vocals
Doug “My Own Grave” Aubin – Lead Vocals
Paul Jarvis “Jarvis” – Bass
Rick “Stixxx” Orcutt – Drums
Venue Information:
State Theatre
609 Congress St
Portland, ME, 04101