State Theatre Portland
Banff Mountain Film Festival

National Geografic and TNF Present

Banff Mountain Film Festival

Sun, February 10, 2013

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

State Theatre

Portland, ME

$17 Advance / $20 DOS / Student: $14 Advance / $17 DOS

This event is all ages

Featuring: Strength in Numbers (special edit), Unicorn Sashimi, Crossing the Ice, On Thin Sea Ice 2, 1st Afghan Ski Challenge, Reel Rock 7: Honnold 3.0, Ernest. Buy tickets in person at the Cumberland County Civic Center Box Office, charge by phone at 800-745-3000 and online at The State Theatre Box Office will be open one hour before doors on night of show

Banff Mountain Film Festival
Banff Mountain Film Festival
Hot on the heels of the largest, the most prestigious mountain festivals in the world, the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour has hit the road, with stops planned in 360 locations worldwide. This year's tour features a collection of the most inspiring and thought-provoking action, environmental, and adventure mountain films.

Traveling from remote landscapes and cultures to up close and personal with adrenaline-packed action sports, the 2014 World Tour is an exhilarating and provocative exploration of the mountain world. For 38 years (and 13 years in Portland), the Banff Mountain Film Festival has celebrated the spirit of adventure and the mountain environment.

For Sunday, February 9, 2014

Poor Man's Heli
Canada, 2014, 6 minutes
Filmmakers: Mike Douglas, Switchback Entertainment
A group of skiers launch themselves across a valley via paragliders to the remote slopes.

USA, 2013, 4 minutes
Filmmakers: Peter McBride
A visual poem of the Colorado River delivers a simple yet powerful message.

Ready to Fly
2012 Best Feature–Length Mountain Film (for original 76 minute version)
USA, 2012, 56 minutes
Filmmakers: William A. Kerig, Scott Zeller

Full of pluck and determination, a woman battles massive obstacles not only to achieve her dream, but also to help change the world for other women. In an emotional and triumphant journey with more ups and downs than a ski jumping competition itself, Lindsey Van and her colleagues take us along on their 15-year fight to achieve equality in the Olympic Winter Games.

The Last Great Climb (special edit)
Best Film – Climbing
UK, 2013, 26 minutes
Filmmakers: Alastair Lee
Are rock stars Leo Houlding, Sean “Stanley” Leary, and Jason Pickles up to their old tricks again? Maybe so, but they've brought along a few new friends and hopes of a bold new line on a remote spire in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. They’re going big again the majestic unclimbed Ulvetanna Peak is their goal this time. But they're in the middle of nowhere, miserably cold, a bit delirious. Hopefully it's nothing a little adrenaline can't cure.

The Last Ice Merchant – El Ultimo Hielero
Best Film – Mountain Environment and Natural History
USA, 2012, 14 minutes
Filmmakers: Jeremy Yaches and Sandy Patch

When Baltazar Ushca dies, the long-lived tradition of harvesting glacial ice from the tallest mountain in Ecuador will die with him. Every action is tenderly portrayed as Baltazar steadfastly wraps his bounty in hay and loads it on his donkey for delivery to his loyal customers.

Down the Line
Canada, 2012, 22 minutes
Filmmakers: Francois Xavier ‘Fix’ De Ruydts, De Ruydts Photography

None of these deep slot canyons and magnificent waterfalls have ever been explored and once in, the only way out is down.

The Questions We Ask
Canada, 2013, 3 minutes
Filmmakers: Kalum Ko, Bruce Kirkby, Jeff Pew

Bruce Kirkby crosses the Pacific from Vancouver to Victoria on a stand-up paddleboard, and ponders what adventure means to him.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sea of Rock
Switzerland, 2012, 12 minutes
Filmmakers: Sebastian Doerk, Infinite Trails Production

A bicycle found lodged on a climbing route in the Austrian Alps inspires two expert riders to follow in the treads of the early cyclists, down the über-gnarly slopes of the Sea of Rock.

The Burn
Canada, 2012, 6 minutes
Filmmakers: Mike Douglas, Jeff Thomas, Switchback Entertainment

Fire frees new lines for skiers, who revel in the newly-charred forest.

Heaven's Gate
Best Film – Mountain Sports – Sponsored by Live Out There
Finland, 2013, 48 minutes
Filmmakers: Iiro Seppanen, Nic Good, Pan Pacific Entertainment
Classification: Parental Guidance, coarse language
A group of wingsuit pilots gather at Tianmen Mountain in China, the birthplace of the dream of human flight, to attempt an intimidating feat – flying through the sacred site known as Heaven’s Gate, an archway carved out of the mountain. As Jeb Corliss drops from a helicopter and soars toward the opening, nearly a half-billion people hold their breath.

Spice Girl (Reel Rock 8)
USA, 2013, 24 minutes
Filmmakers: Josh Lowell, Alex Lowther, Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen
Classification: Parental Guidance; coarse language
The UK climbing scene is known for its strict traditional ethic, yielding super sketchy, dangerous routes, and a competitive machismo. It’s the last place you’d expect to find a nice little blond girl putting all the lads to shame, but Hazel Findlay is doing just that. The first woman to climb the British grade of E9, Hazel is a connoisseur of loose rock, dodgy gear, and big runouts.

Return to the Tepuis
USA, 2013, 9 minutes
Filmmakers: Joe Riis and Jenny Nichols, Pongo Media

A wee pebble toad living in the crevices of the tepuis of South America is the missing link to understanding the age of the species as well as the age of the tepuis themselves.

The Beauty of the Irrational
South Africa, 2012, 6 minutes
Filmmakers: Dean Leslie, Greg Fell, The African Attachment
Running in the wilds of Namibia can be primal as utterly simple and beautiful as it is daunting and irrational.

Keeper of the Mountains (special edit)
Special Jury Mention
USA, 2013, 16 minutes
Filmmakers: Allison Otto, Scott McElroy

Elizabeth Hawley bucked the conventions of her time by settling alone in Kathmandu in 1960, where she began chronicling Himalayan expeditions for The Himalayan Database. Even as she turns 90, she continues to update these records with rigorous accuracy and dedication.

Best Short Mountain Film
USA, 2013, 5 minutes
Filmmakers: Nasa Koski, Austin Siadak, Matthe Van Biene, Fitz Cahall
Classification: General, coarse language
35 routes in one day to celebrate 35 years of life? Why not? Take the birthday challenge!
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